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The Next Leap in Veterinary Imaging


Falcon Mx


Innovative Imaging at Your Fingertips

In the world of veterinary medicine, where clarity is not just desired but essential, Falcon Mx emerges as a beacon of innovation. Crafted with the expertise of veterinary professionals, Falcon Mx is more than just a DICOM viewer—it's a window into the intricate details of animal health.

With Falcon Mx, you're not just diagnosing; you're unveiling a new dimension of care. Its advanced 3D visualization tools bring the unseen into sharp relief, making every detail crystal clear. Whether it's a fracture hidden deep within a bone or a subtle sign of a chronic condition, Falcon Mx illuminates your path to discovery.

Ease of integration? Falcon Mx speaks the language of veterinary PACS systems fluently, ensuring that your transition is seamless, your workflow uninterrupted. But where Falcon Mx truly soars is in its commitment to collaboration. Secure sharing options mean that your circle of care can extend far beyond the walls of your practice. Consult with specialists, share with colleagues, and engage with pet owners with confidence and ease.

Transforming Animal Care

Falcon Mx transcends traditional veterinary imaging; it heralds a new era in animal care excellence. By granting instant access to diagnostic images, it streamlines communication with pet owners and fellow veterinary professionals, fostering quicker, more precise decision-making.

Its swift image retrieval capability becomes indispensable in emergency scenarios or during remote consultations. This app isn't merely a utility—it's an extension of your dedication to attentive, top-tier care for animals.

With Falcon Mx on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, you're armed with the gateway to pioneering veterinary convenience and collaboration. It marks a transformative leap in how vets interact with their responsibilities, revolutionizing the dynamics of pet owner engagement and teamwork in animal healthcare.

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