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Falcon Mx:

Next-Gen Imaging in Your Pocket on iPhone & iPad.


Innovative Imaging at Your Fingertips

Discover the future of medical imaging with Falcon Mx for your iPhone and iPad. Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency as you access a world-class DICOM image viewer right in your pocket.


Falcon Mx isn’t just about viewing images; it's about enhancing your medical image review capabilities wherever you are. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, you can examine and assess medical images with ease, similar to desktop software.


Whether you're a healthcare professional on the go, a medical student, or a researcher, Falcon Mx transforms your iOS device into a portable medical imaging powerhouse. This cutting-edge app brings advanced medical technology to your fingertips, enabling immediate review and analysis of medical images.


Stay connected to your work and your patients, no matter where you are, with Falcon Mx – your partner in mobile medical excellence.

Transforming Patient Care

Falcon Mx is more than an imaging app; it's a revolution in patient care. By providing immediate access to medical images, it enhances communication with patients and colleagues, leading to more informed and prompt decision-making.


Embrace the power of mobile technology in healthcare with Falcon Mx. Its ability to provide quick access to medical images can be crucial in urgent care situations or when consulting with colleagues remotely. The app is not just a tool, but a part of your commitment to responsive and high-quality patient care.


With Falcon Mx on your iPhone and iPad, you are equipped with the key to unlocking a new era of medical convenience and collaboration. It represents a significant step forward in how medical professionals engage with their work, reshaping the landscape of patient interaction and care coordination.

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